For every girl  or woman, hands are the second face of them,except for their own face, so nail art has become something every girl or woman will do. If you want to do nails ,you will know what are the correct basic steps after reading followings:

Manicure can not be done casually, it needs the following set of tools to complete:

   1. Dead skin push.
   2, dead skin scissors.
   3. Sand bars.
   4. Nail base oil.
   5. The nail polish needed.
   6, nail polish (top oil).

The basic steps of nail art:

1. First, we need to wash our hands, and then use the dead skin push from the root of our nails to push up the dead skin. This can make our nails smoother, but it shouldn’t be done frequently, it will hurt the nails often. After pushing up the dirt, use the dead skin pusher to gently scratch off the other end, and then use the dead skin scissors to carefully cut off the dead skin just pushed up.

2. After completing the above step, we need to grind the nails into the shape we want with sand strips. This step can help us create a pair of beautiful nails.

3. Apply a layer of primer on the nail surface. This can effectively enhance the hardness of the nails, thereby protecting the nails.

4. After the finish is completely dry, apply your favorite nail polish. This step can be applied in two layers, because usually two layers of color and gloss will be better. But it must be remembered that the second layer must be applied after one layer is completely dry.

5. Finally, apply a layer of bright oil. Bright oil can make our nails more durable and not easy to fall off.

Notes for nail art:

Note 1: Do not do nail art too frequently. Too many manicures can hurt the nails very much, so we don’t do manicures twice in three days.

Note 2: Do not use nail files for too long. . This is not just about DIY nail art, but also doing nail art in a nail salon. Because the nail file is too long to make our nails fragile, so we need to communicate with the nail artist.

Note 3: Try not to stick fake nails. Many girls often put fake nails on their nails because the surface of their nails is not very good. But in fact, it is very bad to do this, because it is easy to cause your own nail surface to break or other problems during cleaning.

Note 4: After the manicure, try to avoid water and detergent. Because it is easy to cause the nails to fall off after the manicure is stained with water or detergent. Therefore, if necessary, it is recommended to wear rubber gloves or thin leather gloves, so that our nails can last longer.