500CC Pafaffin Wax Heater


Basic Color(Customized):


Product Details


  • Anti-scalding design
  • 500CC aluminum alloy pot
  • LED temperature display
  • Simple operation, easy to use


  •  Rated power: 100W
  • Single capacity 500CC
  • Voltage: 110-240V, 50/60HZ
  • Product size: 19.5*19.5*13
  • Used for hand/foot/face wax beauty treatment

 Main Function:

Replenish the skin oil, can be quickly absorbed by the skin, and form a natural protective film, moisturizing for a long time, so that the jade hands will remain soft and tender. Improves rough and cracked skin on hands, leaving hands smooth and delicate. It can also be used to care for the skin of the face and feet, fight aging, and have special effects on dry and aging skin.