When making nails, applying nail polish is the most basic step, so what should we pay attention to when applying nail polish? Let’s take a look at the correct sequence of applying nail polish glue with the editor below. How should the daily care of nails be done?


The correct sequence of applying nail polish:

First of all, polish the nails, remove the dead skin  and trim the nails, then apply primer to the nails.
After the primer is illuminated, start to apply the nail polish, and apply a thin layer from the back edge of the nail to the fingertips.
The nail polish glue, then shine the lamp, repeat three times to apply the sealant.


Manicure notes:

1. Avoid touching acid rain or alkaline objects. For example: lemon juice, detergent, etc.

2. After finishing the nails,do basic nail care at home and apply moisturizing cream and other skin care products diligently.

3. Avoid excessive contact with water and oil, otherwise the gel will peel off easily.

4. Try to avoid doing things with your fingertips. Excessive use of fingertips for work can cause the gel to peel off between the fingers, causing nail damage.

5. If the nails are peeling off, use nail scissors instead of peeling them off with your hands! Otherwise,the real nails will become thinner and thinner.

6. Avoid making nails for a long time. You should rest for 3 weeks to 1 month after removing them! Otherwise, the nail surface is likely to be rough and uneven due to long-term polishing.


The dangers of nail art:

1. There is a risk of cancer. There is a chemical substance in nail polish called phthalate, and the content is very high, it mainly plays a softening effect. This substance enters the human body through the respiratory system and skin. If used too much, it will increase the risk of breast cancer in women.

2. Nail art causes the nail plate to be corroded by acid or alkaline substances, which will cause the nails to be easily broken, yellow or black in color, which is not conducive to the healthy growth of nails.