5PCS Nail 2Way Marbleizing Dotting Tools KS-NMT001



1.This is 5 nail art dotting marbleizing pen with 2 different ends for different marbleizing desires
2.One end with a larger ball and another end with a smaller one
3.Superb on drawing line,fine details,special patterns,etc
4.Can be used on natural nails,false nails,acrylic nails
5.Great for both professional nail specialist or nail art work
6.Each one has 5 different colors: green, yellow, white, pink and blue.
Product Specification:
1. Condition:  100% New   
2.Material: PVC+Metal
3.Length: approx.13cm/5.12 inch
4.Pen diameter: approx.0.8cm/0.31inch
5.Conversion: 1 inch = 2.54cm or 1cm = 0.393 inch
6. 1 Set Net Weight: approx.38g
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